Who's Pentasigma

Pentasigma™, your building engineering expert, assist you on the conception, production and installation of your windows, doors, curtain hall and skylight aluminum solutions to your architectural project: adjusting each one of those solutions to your specific technical request.

Our commitment starts with the architectural concept, always a challenging task that we share with the project team, always seeking to find the most efficient and reliable solution to each project.

Commitment, consistency, clarity

Pentasigma™ service cycle was conceived to provide all technical studies to support your decision and to assure you the best overall service features and products available on our industry.

PentaSigma offer you a comprehensive range of services and multi-materials solution applied to the architectural project: designed to answer to your highest speciation; and highly reliable even on a long term intensive use.

Our 5 pillars

  • AEV

    Air tightness in accordance with optimized thermal insulation prevents high energy consumption through a hermetic, impermeable environment ensuring optimal living comfort with energy performance buildings. On a scale from class 1, less tightness, to class 4, higher tightness, PentaSigma’s aluminum solutions perform A*4 E*6B and V*C2.

  • Mechanics

    Pentasigma’s aluminum systems offer lightweight yet robust, sturdy, low maintenance aluminum equipment, verified by European and International certifications.

  • Anti Intrusion Systems by Pentasigma

    All aluminum systems have constructional and technological security fittings and solid locking elements to protect the insides, available either for homes and commercial buildings.

  • Thermal

    The comfort, energy sustainability and environmental awareness associated with the thermal insulation of a building and the high stability of aluminum solutions with powder coated lacquering finishings with chemical and mechanical resistance for impermeability. 

  • Acoustics

    Having the privacy of your home sheltered with efficient performance solutions on soundproofing, up to 38dB Rw+Ctr, just a level above of absolute silence, for optimum sound protection.

Our certificates

Our materials, processes, methods and constructional and technological approaches are certified by European and International standards and regulatory organizations. See our accreditations and compliances here.



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Our service cycle was conceived to provide all technical studies to support and to assure the best aluminum systems.

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