Powerfully built

An uncompromising approach to engineering, manufacturing quality, bringing industrial automation and handcraft detailing in symbiosis to build and design highly-engineered, multi-material structures from aluminum extrusion.

Metallurgical expertise in casting, forging and machining aluminum, producing structurally sturdy, robust yet lightweight innovative products to homes and commercial buildings, such as aluminum windows, aluminum doors, facades and storefronts, skylights and curtain wallings, made and manufactured with aluminum profiles and aluminum framings.

Certified engineering

To manufacture strong, vigorous products, our entire range complies with multiple European and International certifications on construction behaviors, processes, and techniques, as well as best practices and quality control, meeting Pantasigma’s 5 pillars: air tightness, thermal insulation, acoustics, mechanical resistance, and anti-intrusion secure elements.

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Our service cycle was conceived to provide all technical studies to support and to assure the best aluminum systems.

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