Sigma C

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Sigma C provides aluminum windows casement solutions with several frame system opening possibilities: inward opening casement, tilt-turn, and hopper.


Sigma S

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Sigma S provides aluminum sliding systems, pocket windowssliding doors, and sliding windows to maximize space and allow more natural light.

Sigma M

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Sigma M provides an elegant, modern, minimal frame aluminum sliding structure, to provide a panoramic, non-intrusive view, allowing maximum transparency and natural light.

Sigma D

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Sigma D provides aluminum doors solutions with adjustable supporting hinges of unbeatable quality, both ideal for residences or non-residential (commercial doors) usage and accommodating all types of decorative or glazed panels. Optimal for energy-saving building renovations.

Sigma G

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Sigma G provides aluminum gates and garage doors with manifold designs and electrical motor performance with domotic integration of a remote control.

Sigma RS

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Window blinds

Sigma RS rolling shutters provides energy-saving, thermal restraint, protection against adverse weather conditions and secures against burglars. Possibility of domotic integration and remote control.

Garage doors

To provide an aesthetic combination with windows blinds and shutters, Sigma RS concedes secure shutter solutions to domotic garage doors made with robust aluminum blades sheets on the outside and thermal polyurethane on the inside.


Sigma F

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Sigma F provides aluminum façades solutions highly versatile and flexible to your construction project’ engineering and design needs. Aluminum facades are the choice for a lightweight building’s supporting structure and energy-saving demands. It is a reliable and resistant material with advantages of heat and sound insulation.

Sigma R

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Sigma R aluminum railing systems provide safety, structural integrity and strength to fences, with flexibility for aesthetics design to meet custom specifications.